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Saving the Best for Last...Dropbox Volleys Back in Cloud Wars!

Posted by Brian Terrell on Thu, Aug 28, 2014

Dropbox continues the online storage service race to the bottom with their new offer of 1 TB of storage to Pro Plan users for $10 per month, according to Mashable and numerous other online reports today. Just yesterday, their price for half that much capacity was $50 per month, so this represents a significant price decrease. In addition, Pro Plan users may now offer outsiders password protected links to stored data. The company intends the Pro Plan to be used by "in betweeners", i.e. those who use the service for business but do not consider themselves candidates for the full fledged Dropbox for Business plan, which delivers not only a 5 user license but also the tools to administer those additional users.

Dropbox back in cloud wars

Computing will soon be offered only as a service. And, we will be very happy about this as consumers because our access will be subsidized by the "in betweeners" and the business users...sort of like long distance in the 1970s and airplane tickets today. Our proximity to these higher paying users offers better service and higher satisfaction as we enjoy some if not all of the value the full paying fare provides. I noticed this first in early 2013, and it just keeps getting better and better!


Viva the Cloud!

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