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Why Document? Documentation Reason #2

Posted by Meredith Gooch on Mon, Jun 01, 2009

Picture this…
You have just found out that there will be staffing cuts across several departments in your company beginning immediately. Even though you are already short-staffed, several key employees will be let go. You are the one responsible for redistributing the workload. What do you do first?

You and your colleagues may start digging through old meeting notes and presentations, trying to remember the what/how/when/who, etc. Unfortunately, you soon realize that you are in over your head.

How would you insure that critical work processes stay on track with minimal disruptions of internal operations and, most importantly, with minimal disruption to your customers?

Having well-defined process documentation, such as workflow diagrams and procedures manuals, will give you a head start. This is yet another reason why you should document.

- Deborah Conrad, Documentation Specialist

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