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Spending Too Much Time Rekeying Data from One Software System to Another?

Posted by Meredith Gooch on Fri, May 27, 2011

Do you spend too much time moving information from software A to software B? This is something we see all the time. You spent the time researching the best accounting software, the best supply chain management system, the best customer relationship management software, etc; but what you didn’t prepare for was integrating them all. One of the most obvious examples of this is when we see a staff member at a business exporting information to Excel from software A, printing it, and rekeying it into software B. How much time does this cost you and your business? How many errors do you incur when having to manually rekey information?

One particular company that we work with had this same problem, and what they found was that integrating their two disparate systems saved $15,000 per year. What would $15,000 mean to your business?

Just a thought.

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