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Helpful Excel Tips

Posted by Meredith Gooch on Tue, Aug 09, 2011

Use the same print settings for a number of worksheets in Excel without having to manually set up each worksheet.

1) Select the worksheet whose print settings you want to copy.
2) Group this worksheet together with the worksheets that need to have time same settings.
3) From the File menu, select Page Setup then select ok.

Create a watermark on an Excel file to mark a document as "confidential" or "draft."

1) Right click on a toolbar and select the WordArt toolbar from the shortcut.
2) On the WordArt toolbar, select the Insert WordArt icon.
3) On the WordArt Gallery, select your format choice, then select ok.
4) In the WordArt Edit Text dialog box, type "confidential" or "draft" depending on your need.
5) Select the font and size, then select ok.
6) Right click the WordArt, select Format WordArt from the shortcut menu, then select the Colors and Lines tab.
7) In Fill, select No fill from the Color dropdown list.
8) In the line section, adjust the color and line format to black, then select ok.
9) Right click the WordArt, select Order from the shortcut menu, then select Send to Back.
10) Adjust the WordArt as necessary to fit your document.

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