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Document Management without Breaking the Bank

Posted by Meredith Gooch on Fri, Sep 30, 2011

What would it mean if you could access your company's data anytime, anywhere? What about if you knew your critical documents were safe from natural disasters?

The average small company spends about $1,000 per year on paper and filing and ten hours filing paper weekly. Their average labor expense to replicate one lost document is $11.25.

We're here to tell you there is hope!

With document managment, you will be able to index, store and retrieve documents in a fully secure centralized repository or use OCR and quick search functionality to easily locate and view content on-demand. You also have the ability to quickly print, export, and distribute files.

Do you have multiple locations? Your geographically dispersed team members will be able to intantly work together by easily accessing, managing, storing, and sharing company documents and files. Collaboration is also simple with document versioning and check-in/check-out features. Supplement your transactions with notes, and establish an audit trail for all stored documents.

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