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Features of Sage CRM For Everyone in Your Organization

Posted by Meredith Gooch on Mon, Mar 26, 2012

In our last post, we talked about what CRM is and why (generally) it is an important tool in the toolbox for businesses. Today we'll talk through some of the features as they relate to specific functions within your organization.


• Easy to use with fresh look and feel

• Fully customizable interactive dashboard

• End-user personalization of interface design and content

• In-built user tutorials, user guide and quick tips

• Relationship management graphs

• Impactful visual charts and highly graphical reports

• Real-time synchronization between Sage CRM and MS Exchange for seamless calendar management

• Dynamic linking of multiple information sources on a single dashboard screen

• Centralized meeting management

• Full calendar response management

• Fully customizable graphical workflow


• Pre-installed marketing dashboard available out-of-the-box

• Multi-channel campaign management

• Fully integrated e-marketing functionality

• Open, click and bounce rate tracking for e-marketing campaigns • Automated drip marketing campaigns

• Attention grabbing templates out-of-the-box • Easy campaign cloning

• Lead qualification and management

• Mail merge functionality

• Full marketing workflow

• Outbound calling

• List management

• Customer segmentation capabilities


• Pre-installed sales dashboard available out-of-the-box

• Ability to customize dashboard to create a bespoke workspace

• Account, contact and opportunity management

• Ability to create key accounts dashboard

• Sales forecasting and territory alignment

• Calendar and activity management

• Process and workflow automation

• Provides iPhone and Blackberry users with critical access to real-time information

• Escalation and auto notifications

• Quote and order entry


• Pre-installed customer service dashboard available out-of-the-box

• Ability to customize dashboard to create a bespoke workspace

• Customer self-service portal

• Case tracking and management

• Workflow automation

• Knowledge base recording customer service solutions

• Address maintenance and linking tools

• Escalation and auto notifications 


• Out-of-the-box customization

• Easy to install and fast to deploy

• Easy to integrate

• Flexible deployment options

• Advanced customization capabilities

• Single point of entry for Sage CRM and MS Exchange integration for ease of administration and rapid new user set up


• Sage ERP integration

• MS Exchange integration

• MS Outlook integration

• Social media integration

• Web-self service

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