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AR Customer List: Little Known/Little-Used Function in Sage 300 ERP

Posted by Anthony Cox on Wed, Jun 19, 2013

As a Sage client, you may be familiar with the benefits of building and working from call lists in Sage CRM. Often, this functionality provides an efficient methodology for a workflow involving identification of a subset of clients or prospects you may want to call on for a specific purpose (i.e. overdue invoices, recent orders, etc.). And as a salesperson, this concept is often helpful for following up with opportunities that were recently discovered, as in new prospects!

As helpful as this function is within Sage CRM, a close resemblance to it exists in Sage 300 ERP, although many users have been unaware of it – yours truly included. Thankfully, I benefit from a top-shelf team of consultants that often reveal to me new tricks of the trade. I thought you might want to see how this tool functions, so check out the attached video demonstration.

The demo shows how the little-used A/R Customer List, along with Customer Inquiry, Optional Fields and a telephone, can provide customer relationship management functions, although not on the same scale as Sage CRM.  The Customer List simply allows a user to construct an actionable list of customers using criteria from the customer master. 

Note in the video example this could include creating a call list for:

  • customers over their credit limit,
  • a list of key customers to invite to an event,
  • a list of customers with follow-up dates, etc. 

This list of factors which can be targeted includes standard fields in the customer record and can also incorporate Optional fields you have defined. This makes for a pretty powerful and flexible search tool. 

In the attached video, my consultant created a NEW CUSTOMER optional field that is automatically created when adding a customer.  The AR Customer list tool can create a follow-up call list to find out if they're satisfied with the product received and record any comments.  You can then take the customer off of the new customer list, or perhaps schedule a follow-up activity and move on to the next customer identified in the list.

By the way, once you have clicked on a customer in your list, the A/R Customer Inquiry tool allows you to drill down and get even more useful information before you make your phone call. Here you can see information about invoice dates and statuses, what items were recently ordered, and even contract pricing information.

(note: there's no audio; it's just video)


Let me know if you find this helpful, or if you would like some more "tricks of the trade" from the BTerrell Group.

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