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Creating Roles for a Multi-Step Approval Process using Intacct and DocAssist

Posted by Chris Karnes on Tue, Sep 23, 2014

We get many requests on how to have a process work across two or more applications. This is how we setup everything for a multi-step workflow approval process across Intacct and DocAssist.

Before you get started, you must have the following:

  1. Document Types created, workflows are specific to a document type.
  2. Folder Structure set up, workflows are tied to one or more drawers.
  3. Intacct web API set up in DocAssist by DocAssist’s technicians.
  4. Be an administrator in your instance of DocAssist.


Creating Roles

First we created roles for the data entry group and approving manager group (the people responsible for each task). Go to the admin section, and click on “organizations” then click “roles.” Select the organization and department in the appropriate drop down box, then click “add new role.”


Enter the name “AP Bill Attribute Entry” and select the users you want fulfilling the role and click save. This role is used for entering the bills attributes into DocAssist.


Repeat this process using “AP Bill Approving Managers.” This role is used to review and approve/disapprove the attributes entered before pushing to Intacct.


Next, we allow the newly created roles access to the drawers where the documents will reside. In the Admin Section click on “document management,” then on “drawers,” and then click “edit” in the cabinet drawer name.


Click the check boxes next to the newly created roles and give them “write” access to the drawer, then click “save.”


Now we must give the role options in the document type. In the admin section click on “document management,” then on “document types” and click on the “edit” link in the document type.


Click the “next” button twice to get to the “setup step 3 of 3” page, select the “AP Bill Approving Managers” radio button and click “edit.”


Select the top check box enabling all options and click save.  Repeat this step for the “AP Bill Attribute Entry” role we created.


In a future  blog post, I'll discuss how to set up the workflow. 

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