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Document Management in Intacct

Posted by Binbin Zhai on Tue, Apr 28, 2015

Are you tired of digging the invoices from piles of document? Are you desperate to go paperless and to save some trees?

Intacct provides a simple and convenient attachment management solution. You can simply and effortlessly attach invoices, contracts and bank statements in every transactions and in every dimensions (i.e. customer, vendors and projects).

First of all, we need to create several folders for our attachments. In this way, the thousands of documents will not crowd together. You also can create subfolders.


Afterwards, you can freely add attachments by using the Select Attachment screen. You even can drag the file into the screen if you do not like the Choose Files from your computer's complex folder organizing tree.


What you need to attach multiple documents in one place? For example, the AR team likes to keep records of customer contracts and tax forms. Even though there is only one field for attachments, you actually can attach multiple documents in one attachment.

And, your employees can attach their receipts for their expenses, which will save the accounting team a lot of time on filing receipts.

If these out-of-the-box attachment functions cannot satisfy your passion and requirements on document management, there are multiple add-on services on the market place, such as Nexonia and Docassist. If you are interested in, and would like to know more about them, please subscribe to our blog or contact us!

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