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Get Fixed Assets Under Control

Posted by Brian Terrell on Wed, Oct 07, 2015

There could potentially be a significant value of fixed assets within your business and keeping track of them can be a challenge.  Managing fixed assets with spreadsheets is a losing battle, especially as your business grows and assets increase in volume, are transferred or disposed, or become lost.  Gain greater control and insight over fixed assets, their depreciation calculations, and prepare IRS-ready tax forms with confidence by replacing inefficient software with stronger technology.

Using spreadsheets or other manual processes to keep track of fixed assets isn’t efficient and could be creating expensive mistakes.  You could easily lose sight of fixed assets, miscalculate depreciation, and waste valuable time with reporting, all of which becomes more complicated with business growth.  Don’t let fixed assets be an oversight that causes additional trouble with year-end reporting.  Add Intacct® Fixed Assets to Intacct and make sure assets stay on your radar.

With Intacct Fixed Assets, you can gain control over asset location, condition, insurance status, and maintenance logs.  All of your fixed-asset data is located within a centralized location, making it easier for you and your team to manage, even after a disaster.  You can distribute fixed-asset information across your company, for example by location, department, project, or other variables.  Intacct Fixed Assets also offers the ability to maintain separate tax and accounting books and record different depreciation methods for the various asset categories.  You can configure accounting and tax depreciation schedules using the built-in methods, such as straight line and reducing balance for accounting, or create your own methods.  Easy to read dashboards and robust reporting features make it easier and more efficient to share fixed-asset data internally and with external stakeholders, such as insurance or taxing authorities.

Intacct Fixed Assets offers the ability to manage the complete asset lifecycle within a single, integrated business solution.  Not only can you save valuable time when tracking fixed assets, you can be confident with asset valuation, which can have an impact on business finances.  Contact BTerrell Group for additional guidance with getting fixed assets under control with the support of the Intacct Fixed Assets solution.

By BTerrell Group, an Intacct Premier Partner