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Sage Intacct Customization Showcase

Posted by Joe Zhou on Wed, Oct 09, 2019

Our development team specializes in Sage Intacct customizations and integrations since March 2013. During this time, we've implemented many Sage Intacct integration projects for various clients. When I look back on these projects, I can group them into the following categories.


1.       Standalone Web Applications

A good example is our CodePartners’ Mass Update Tool and GL Upload Tool. Both tools are standalone ASP.NET MVC websites and hosted in Windows Azure. If the customer requires tighter integration, we can embed such web applications in a Dashboard so that they look like a part of Intacct.

2.       Standalone Windows Applications

These applications deploy on a Windows server that the customer owns. They can run on demand or on a regular basis if set up using Windows Scheduler.

3.       Intacct Platform Services with no External Resources

These applications leverage Sage Intacct Platform Services including custom objects, smart events, triggers, AJAX Toolkit, etc., exclusively.  In other words, every piece of the integration runs within Intacct and doesn’t require anything external to run. Read more about Simplifying Billable Expenses with Sage Intacct.

4.       Intacct Platform Services with an External Restful API

Workforce Go!, originally developed by BTerrell, is a perfect example for this category. It leverages all the power Sage Intacct Platform Services provides and takes advantage of the benefit of Restful APIs for the pieces that are better handled outside of Intacct.

5.      Combining a Windows application, an external Restful API and Sage Intacct Platform Services

Many folks didn’t think Sage Intacct, a cloud based ERP system, could work with on-premise legacy systems.  With the help of a Restful API that bridges Intacct and the on-premise system, it is possible. Check out the blog post I wrote a couple of months ago on Sage Intacct customizations for details about this type of integration.