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Super Powers of the Cloud: The Security of Concur’s Cloud

Posted by Info Info on Wed, Jun 11, 2014

by Concur


This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Super Powers of The Cloud. Previous entries can be found here.

Mobile app security is a concern for most app users, especially with the seemingly daily news stories of data breaches striking large companies. And it’s not just large companies being affected. For every security breach story that breaks, many more go untold. Symantec reports that companies with fewer than 250 employees were the focus of 31 percent of all cyber attacks in 2012, up sharply from 18 percent in 2011. 

It’s understandable for app users to feel unsure about the security of mobile apps, especially if these mobile apps require them to input sensitive information. And let’s face it; no one wants to feel vulnerable.

Like superheroes need capes and armor, app developers and app users need to know their environment is secure before they can wholeheartedly focus on doing superhuman work. Security is the platform upon which all productivity and collaborative benefits of apps can spring forward. Without security, all the perceived benefits of mobile apps can quickly become a mirage.

For example, Starbucks recently promised to tighten security on its IOS app because of a multitude of mobile app breaches. Because the app contained security flaws – including a lack of encryption, no password protection, and a clear-text data file that is easily exposed – the convenience benefits can be easily offset by security concerns, rendering the app useless for many users.   

Concur’s investment in security

Perhaps a more concerning trend than the amount of apps being hacked is the amount of companies who don’t seem to care about security.

This certainly is not the case at Concur, where mobile app security is a top priority. The Concur Trust Platform with PCI Compliance, ISO and SSAE 16 certifications are combined with data encryption and remote wipe capabilities, ensuring a secure solution for all users. And for those who argue that traditional, paper-based expense tracking is more secure, how is carrying around a stack of receipts and paperwork more secure than a locked, password-protected phone?

Concur’s mobile app security does not allow sensitive credit card data to be stored on the mobile device when transactions are conducted. What this means is that the most sensitive client information (e.g. credit card info) is housed only in Concur’s secure data center, not on the mobile device. Whether clients use Concur’s web-based service or mobile app, they can rest assured their information is safe.

If you’re considering mobile app usage to increase capabilities, productivity and employee satisfaction at your business – but are concerned about mobile app security implications – rest assured that Concur’s top priority has been, and will continue to be, the security of our users.

Expenses affect every part of your company. Learn why more organizations are leveraging Concur’s automated expense tracking solutions to not only address mobile app security, but financial security as a whole. Don’t wait, fix it.

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Super Powers of the Cloud: How the Cloud Empowers Employees

Posted by Keith Karnes on Wed, Apr 23, 2014

Written by ConcurConcur Logo

This is the second post in our four-part “Super Powers of the Cloud” series. 

The Cloud Empowers EmployeesToday’s tech savvy workforce demands the powers of connectivity and mobility. And cloud computing is a way to give them the superhero-like powers they seek, whether they’re selling in Sochi or expensing client dinners on the go from Minnesota.

Today, it is not beyond your employees’ scope to be super anytime from anywhere.

Despite some speculation a few years ago, companies are now diving head-first into the cloud. As writer Derrick Wlodarz notes on BetaNews, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer received a lot of criticism when they went the cloud route. But today, Microsoft’s Office 365 provides cloud services that have been utilized by 37% of organizations, according to a recent survey.

With the future pointing to a cloud-filled forecast, many employees expect and want cloud capabilities. Businesses can’t afford to scare away employees who may be put off by outdated technology. Employees want tech powers!

Here are four types of super powers today’s employees get from cloud computing:

The power to produce from anywhere

With the cloud, employees can carry the entire office in their backpack and most tasks can be achieved by simply plucking a smartphone from a pocket. The 40-hour work week – for the most part – is a thing of the past. In fact, normal business hours don’t apply to many organizations anymore as employees are free to work when it makes sense for them (as long as they’re productive, of course).

Tying productivity to a physical location is like permanently strapping flight-capable employees to the ground.

The power to collaborate more effectively with team members

The cloud gives employees real-time access to always up-to-date information. It also lets employees come together in a collaborative setting from all corners of the earth. Meetings are less likely to be rescheduled, more gets accomplished and workflows are optimized. For example, mobile expense management via the Concur app syncs workflows with real-time notifications and data insights from the C-level to the end user.

The power to be a productivity master  

Tech savvy employees are always looking for new “hacks.” If a process can be done more efficiently, they want to learn how to do it. Web-based and mobile apps present real-time portals to all the information an employee could possibly need to excel, and more. Conversely, paper-based, on-premise solutions and processes are now viewed by most employees as “restrictive” because they can’t tap into the flexible, integrated capabilities that create efficiencies.

Take mobile expense management, for example. There’s no need to file away paper receipts, organize them later and attach them to a printed expense report form when you can simply snap photos on the go and automatically upload them to the appropriate expense report line item, which also eliminates the need to manually enter accounting codes, categories, etc.

Credit card charges, along with e-receipts from hotels, airlines and many other vendors can be imported automatically, saving loads of time and eliminating data entry errors. Mobile expense management capabilities can shave over an hour of tedious expense-related tasks from a single business trip. What employee doesn’t want that?

Not only does this save heaps of time for employees, it also saves the company money. According to The Aberdeen Group’s Expense Management for a New Decade report, the cost for a single expense report using outdated manual processes is $41 per report compared to a best-in-class process costing $7 per report.

Cost to Process Expense Reports

The power to be a satisfied employee

Who doesn’t love having awesome tools at their disposal? Employees know about the tech solutions that are available to them – they use them every day in their personal lives. If it makes the job easier, and helps employees succeed by getting more done with less, in a super flexible manner, they want it.


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Super Powers of the Cloud: How Cloud Computing Makes Business Owners Superhuman

Posted by Keith Karnes on Tue, Apr 15, 2014

ConcurWritten by Concur

This is the first post in our four-part “Super Powers of the Cloud” series. This post focuses on the “powers” the cloud gives business owners.

Cloud Gives Business Owners SuperPowersAt one point in time, cloud computing might have been the stuff of comic books. Today, however, Forbes writer Joe McKendrick predicts that in 2014, “cloud computing is set to become mainstream computing.”

So, if the cloud is set to be mainstream computing, this means non-cloud solutions – such as using a spreadsheet for expense management – are now old-hat, antiquated solutions. If you’re not leveraging cloud-based mobile expense management at your business, you’re seriously limiting your superhuman potential. It’s like running your business as Clark Kent with no option to go Superman on the bit. It’s like choosing to work around kryptonite all day.

If this describes your situation, worry not, because one of the best aspects of the cloud is the ease and rapidity with which it can be implemented and scaled. And once implemented, it can turn any small business owner into a force to be reckoned with. In fact, a recent Microsoft survey revealed that 59% of small and medium-sized businesses reported significant productivity benefits with the adoption of cloud solutions.

Here are three potential superpowers business owners can gain by opting for mobile expense management and business management via the cloud:

The power to read minds

The cloud helps you sync with your team faster than ever before. When members of your team create or update anything, the updates sync automatically and provide real-time access for all relevant team members.

As a business owner, you can spend less time checking in and scheduling meetings simply to be brought up to speed, which also frees up time for your employees. When you have real-time access to data, everyone enters the conversation at the same point. It’s like you’re reading each other’s minds.

You can even read your own mind better. Apps like Evernote ensure that every relevant thought, article, idea – essentially anything you might need later – can be documented and easily accessed whenever you need it from any device. It’s the superhuman memory app.

And speaking of memory, you won’t need it with the Concur mobile app. Business owners get real-time access into all expense forms, expense reports and travel-related items, company-wide. Anything related to your company’s travel and expenses is always at your fingertips.

The power to be omnipresent

With the cloud, you’re essentially in the office no matter where you are. You can access everything with a few clicks of your mouse. A great example of this is the Ping Identity solution, which allows you to sign into all of your business apps at once, including the Concur app.

Mobile expense management from Concur means that you can submit and approve expense reports as they occur. No more giving yourself tasks when you’re back in the office. You can even submit and approve expenses while you’re waiting.

Concur itself is omnipresent as it takes everything travel and expense related and combines it into one solution that allows your entire organization to perform tasks, access real-time data and make informed decisions at any time, from anywhere. It also syncs directly with other on-the-go apps like Quickbooks, Salesforce and more.

The power of superhuman speed

You don’t need a superhuman brain to move, think and react quicker than your human counterparts. With the cloud, you can now accomplish in five minutes what used to take hours. Take banking, for example. Today we don’t need to go to a bank or even use actual money.

Everything can be accomplished via credit card, computer or a mobile device from anywhere, anytime. It’s the same with mobile expense management. Single-item expense reports that used to take 20 minutes and required you to be in the office can now be done in a few seconds by simply reaching into your pocket.

Today, businesses that leverage the cloud have a decided advantage over those that don’t. And it’s not just about faster work, accurate data and real-time collaboration. Talent acquisition and retention goes a long way in determining the success of an organization, and employees are happier when they have access to technology that enables quality, efficient work. How are you using technology to make your business more competitive?

Learn more about how mobile expense management gives your business super powers. If your expense process is broken, you have the power to fix it.

As a Concur partner, BTerrell Group is able to extend a 10% savings on any Concur solution you implement.  Please contact your BTerrell representative for details.

Join us on May 21st at 1:00 pm CT for this informative webinar: Fix Expense Reporting and Boost the Bottom Line, featuring Concur.

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