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Terrell & Terrell, CPAs is Now BTerrell Group

Posted by Meredith Gooch on Wed, Dec 15, 2010

That's right! We're changing our name to be more inclusive of all of the services we offer! You'll notice the changes taking place all around, from our website to our phone greeting!

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Funny Accpac Thanksgiving Videos from Years Past

Posted by Meredith Gooch on Wed, Nov 24, 2010

If you need a quick break away from reality today at the office in anticipation of Thanksgiving tomorrow, take a look back at some of our spoof videos from the past several years at Accpac Thanksgiving including The Accpac Duck (Bin)/Doctor Automation (Brian), The ERP Matchup Game, and Law & Order: Special Documentations Unit! You can find them on our website or on YouTube.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by Meredith Gooch on Mon, Nov 22, 2010

This is the time of year where we remember people we are thankful for. Here at Terrell & Terrell, we are especially thankful for all of our clients, partners, vendors, and friends who make our lives so full! I hope you are all able to take some time to spend with the people in your lives who mean the most to you. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Terrell & Terrell, CPAs, LLP Offers Training on Sage FAS Fixed Assets

Posted by Meredith Gooch on Thu, Sep 10, 2009

"We are pleased to be offering Sage FAS and training to our clients," said Brian Terrell, CPA and managing partner of Terrell & Terrell. "It is a direct reflection of our commitment to bring first-class solutions and training to our clients, especially when those products can help our clients reduce the costs associated with incorrect asset management." Read more of this article

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