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How to Print Check Signatures with PrintBoss in a Terminal Server Environment

Posted by Ganesh Balakrishnan on Thu, Sep 18, 2014

A common issue we see with clients is not being able to print signatures on their checks when they are using Sage 300 ERP in a terminal server environment.

Printing signatures requires the use of a signature disk (typically a USB flash drive) that contains the signature file that will be printed on the check. The disk is inserted into a USB port of the machine of the person who will be printing the checks and will show on their local machine as a mapped drive. However if they are using a terminal server environment for Sage 300 ERP, this drive will not show on their terminal session profile as it is inserted in their local machine and not in a USB port on the server.

To resolve this issue, we must share the drive on the local machine and then create a drive mapping from their terminal session. Finally, we must ensure that the drive letter that is chosen is added to the PrintBoss signature disk configuration screen.


 formatting local machine


 Terminal session


print boss settings

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