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A Time for Thanksgiving

Posted by Brian Terrell on Wed, Nov 27, 2013

I exchanged opinions with new friends from California, Oklahoma and Illinois over lunch recently about the greatest inventions of all time. We make our living through automation and technology and are amazed and excited by the miracles technology allows us to experience every day. However, I was not surprised when no one mentioned cloud computing.Happy Thanksgiving to all of our clients

After all, take the invention of antibiotics. How many lives have these saved? Or microwave ovens, which to my knowledge has not saved lives, but are a really cool invention. Smartphones don’t rank highly, at least to me, among the greatest inventions of all time, but I am amazed when I communicate via FaceTime with my daughter in India as she commutes to work in an auto rickshaw!

I could go on and on, which my friends and I did until we came to several conclusions. First, even though we live in different parts of the country, we each claim to live in the greatest city, in the greatest state, in the greatest country, at the greatest time in human history. In addition, we decided we should spend more time thinking about what we have, as opposed to what we want. This really is the best way to think.

During our visit, I enjoyed both an early Thanksgiving and an excellent reminder that every day should be a day of Thanksgiving. I will spend more time thinking about what I have, rather than what I want, going forward. This simple practice completely changes the way I feel and is truly the greatest way to think!

Happy Thanksgiving from BTerrell Group and CodePartners!

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