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Business Intelligence: Using Sage 300 ERP to make strategic decisions

Posted by Meredith Gooch on Fri, Jul 13, 2012

Business intelligence supports better decision-making by using technology for data mining, online analytical processing, querying and reporting to analyze data. Many companies struggle with managing the sheer volume of data they have to create useful reports in a timely manner. Access, Excel and other tools are often cobbled together to create monthly reports, but for large amounts of information, these tools aren’t adequate.

Recently, BTerrell Group began working with a client to consolidate information for the 30+ businesses they acquired over the years. The company used a complex system of Excel workbooks—some containing more than 60 pages—to create reports. By implementing Sage ERP 300 Insight, the company will significantly decrease the number of days it takes to close the books. Additionally, they will have greater control over their data and decision-making.

Implementing Sage ERP 300 Insight reduces the labor required to gather the data. The data-warehouse model allows for a customized system based on reporting rather than transaction or data input. The Insight model then aggregates the data, providing customized reports based on your needs.

Another business intelligence and data consolidation project involves a client whose monthly reporting took three people a week to complete. This client provides voluminous reports to stakeholders each month. Their situation is complicated by the allocation of costs and revenue based on professional specialties and a variety of payment structures. BTerrell Group’s implementation of Sage 300 ERP Insight will save this company time and thus money in compiling and disseminating reports.

BTerrell Group works with clients to determine which Sage tools best meet their needs and helps implement these solutions. We’ve found Sage 300 ERP Insight helps businesses by:

  • Reducing time and labor to prepare and analyze data.
  • Providing reports customized to client needs.
  • Streamlining complicated tasks based on client needs.

Call us to learn more about how BTerrell Group can help you make strategic decision with business intelligence and Sage ERP 300.

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