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Is a Cloud ERP Solution Right for You?

Posted by Keith Karnes on Wed, Jul 10, 2013

Is cloud ERP right for you?Everyone seems to be weighing in with an opinion on this question, and often the “opinion” seems to be heavily weighted toward what solution the speaker has to offer. In truth, the relevance and accuracy of the differentiators for cloud versus an on-premise ERP solution need to be evaluated for each unique circumstance.

Here are some key differentiators for cloud-based ERP applications:

  1. Allow the business to focus resources primarily on core business functions, rather than to maintain an IT department to serve the ERP function. In other cases, where IT functions are a major central business component, to focus IT resources on providing value functions toward revenue generation.
  2. Allow scalable growth to match the business growth of the enterprise, via adding user subscriptions or necessary modules only as necessary.
  3. Technology solutions are current and architected specifically for delivery and usage on current platforms for mobility and accessibility. In addition, they tend to provide higher levels of usability and user friendliness.
  4. Generally ensure improved measures in back-up, data retention, and recovery. These functions are provided by the vendor system-wide, rather than having to be performed by each customer. Due to the potential risk, the cloud-based provider typically has a higher level of security than would be set up for an on-premise solution.
  5. Have short implementation time periods to actually reap the rewards of management information quickly and are typically compressed over alternatives, enabling early return on investment.

So, is a cloud ERP solution right for you?

The question should be posed in terms of what information is needed to run the business. What are the key drivers to the business success and how these key drivers can best be addressed. What are the best uses of time and resources internally, and what are best provided externally?

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