Frozen Food Manufacturer Gaines Control of Financials, Inventory, and Customer Satisfaction small pdf icon
The systems and processes put in place by BTerrell Group give this manufacturer faster inventory turns to free up cash, process automation to decrease personnel expenses, and better fill rates to improve customer satisfaction.

Results Achieved:
- Accurate fill rates to fill customer demands
- Significantly reduced raw material inventory
- Saved $50,000 per year in employee-related costs
- Faster inventory turns
- Improved cash flow
- Instant access to information

Online Timecard Utility for Sage ERP Accpac Saves Medicine Chest $15,000 Per Year small pdf icon
The systems put in place by BTerrell Group allow Medicine Chest to focus on customer service instead of internal bottlenecks.

Issues to be Resolved:
- Duplicate data entry
- Keystroke errors
- Time spend gathering payroll data

Results Achieved:
- Saved $15,000 per year
- Streamlined payroll process
- Reduced errors
- System that is able to grow with them

Thousands of Dollars Saved Each Year through Improved Reporting and Custom Macros PDF 
Truco Relies on BTerrell Group, Sage ERP Accpac, and Sage ERP Accpac Insight for their back-office and reporting needs.

Issues to be Resolved:
- Needed faster and more accurate financial reporting
- Disparate systems

Results Achieved:
- Saved thousands of dollars each year
- Trimmed 7-12 days off the time it takes to close out the month
- Improved data quality
- Kept employee count down even though sales increased. 

$13,000 Per Year Saved Due to Accounts Payable Workflow Automations in Sage ERP Accpac PDF 
The Dallas Symphony Association and BTerrell Group's shared dedication to innovation and teamwork paid off when they worked together to design and implement new accounts payable processes.

Issues to be Resolved:
- Cumbersome and time-consuming invoice processing
- Duplicate data entry
- Keystroke errors

Results Achieved:
- Streamlined AP and accrural processes
- Reduced total weekly check processing time by more than 50%
- Eliminated duplicate data entry
- Restricted keystroke errors
- Gained fault-tolerance