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Masters of CPA Social Selling: Jason Blumer Reveals How His Firm Gets Ideal Clients to Contact Them

Posted by Brian Terrell on Wed, Oct 08, 2014

The giant, flashing red neon sign that greets you when you visit the Blumer CPAs website may be your first clue that it's not your typical CPA firm. Maybe.

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Masters of CPA Social Selling: Rhonda Maraziti Credits Executive Sponsorship for Directing WithumSmith+Brown’s Social Selling Success

Posted by Brian Terrell on Wed, Oct 01, 2014

Networking and referral marketing reign at or near the top of business development strategies for CPA firms and other professional service organizations. In the digital age, Social Media platforms provide additional networking options for professionals to attract and retain clients. In this post, I recap the first in a series of conversations I’ve had with CPA firm marketing leaders regarding Social Selling, which might be defined as using social platforms to develop and promote a brand, provide thought leadership to the marketplace, and drive business to a firm. Thank you to Rhonda Maraziti, the Director of Marketing and Practice Growth at WithumSmith+Brown for agreeing to share her thoughts on professional service Social Selling in the digital age.

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Benefits of Integrating SageCRM and Social Media

Posted by Meredith Gooch on Wed, Dec 14, 2011

– Enable your sales teams to better target prospects and prepare for sales calls
– Uncover leads and networking opportunities quickly and easily
– Enable users to update and read twitter timeline and feeds directly from within Sage CRM
– Extend conversations and collaboration with prospects and customers to social media channels
– Enable users to identify how online conversations are affecting their brand
– Help organizations to identify their biggest online champions and influencers
– Enable users to participate in online conversations with an engaged audience without ever having to leave Sage CRM
– Help organizations build and strengthen relationships with their community of customers and prospects
– Provide marketing teams with the ability to extend and link marketing campaigns to social media channels
– Enable users to easily manage and track competitors by monitoring their public online conversations and blog articles

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Get Excited! Registration for Accpac Thanksgiving Now Open

Posted by Chuck Reeves on Thu, Oct 15, 2009

On Thursday, November 19, 2009, Terrell & Terrell will be celebrating its 10th annual Accpac Thanksgiving client appreciation conference, marking a very special anniversary year to attend! This event is very useful and informative for executives, CPAs, and all Sage Accpac ERP users.

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Social Media and Taxes

Posted by Meredith Gooch on Thu, Sep 03, 2009

We all know that social media is now being used more often by employers to help in "researching" prospective employees. But did you know that government agencies like the Internal Revenue Service are now using social media to track down tax evaders and perform audits?

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