Team Structure & Communication Methodology

Out teamwork approach allows your project managers and our project team to work together as a single unit throughout the entire project development lifecycle.

We work with local university internship programs, so we consistently have interns on staff to assist with entry‐level tasks. We provide training for them throughout their one year internship program and identify qualified candidates for permanent positions upon graduation.

Our company culture provides employees with opportunities to learn the newest technologies, to take internal and external training classes and certification exams, to work together to grow as a team, and to be rewarded by incentive programs. This employee friendly work environment not only helps the company provide high quality software and services to clients, but also keeps the employee retention rate exceptionally high.

Project Team
Our project team in Dallas works directly with you as an extension of your IT department. Under the direction of a Project Manager, the project team is responsible for all tasks requiring direct interaction with your project team. The team members interact seamlessly with each other and with you to ensure completion of their responsibilities via the most effective method for the task, including phone calls, email, face-to-face meetings, and our CRM portal. The communication tracking function in CRM provides an online portal for you to initiate and track communications regarding a new development, a support case, or a brainstorming topic. The Web portal keeps all the communication history for easy review and retrieval. It can also automatically send email or text message notification to responsible parties when a new communication activity is recorded. Additionally, the project team communicates with the development team on a daily basis to share client requirement information, to discuss requirements and proposed designs/solutions, and to identify questions/concerns.

Team Structure and Communication Methodology

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