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Sage 300 ERP: Save Time With Shortcuts!

Posted by Kevin Yu on Sun, Nov 10, 2013

Sage 300 ERP TimesaversEver wonder how much time you spend switching between your mouse and keyboard when entering large amounts of data?  With these Sage 300 ERP shortcuts, you will no longer ask yourself this question.  The following Sage 300 ERP shortcuts allow you to navigate most screens by only using your keyboard.


Key Description
Page Up Go to the first (top) record visible in a list
Page Down Go to the last (bottom) record visible in a list
Ctrl + Page Up Go to the first record in a Finder list
Ctrl + Page Down Go to the last record in a Finder list
Ctrl + Tab Move out of a grid or list to the first button or field following the grid or list
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Move out of a grid or list to the button or field directly above the grid or list
Home Go to the first entry in a list
End Go to the last entry in a list
Tab or Enter Go to the next column
Shift + Tab or
Shift + Enter
Go to the previous column
Alt + C or
Alt + F4
Close a form or dialog box
Alt + E Open the Set Criteria dialog box to specify records that will be displayed in the Finder
Esc Cancel or close a pop-up form (for example, the calendar or a form opened with the Zoom button)
Up Arrow or
Down Arrow
Go up or down one line in a grid
F1 Display Help
Alt + H Display the Help menu
F2 Turn the edit mode in a list or grid on or off
F4 Display the calendar for a date field
F5 Disply the Finder 
F7 Disply the information for a record
F9 Open a detail form that displays more information about the selected record
Shift + F9 Open a second detail form (called the Zoom Detail) from a detail form
Alt + Down Arrow Display available selections for a field
Insert or
Ctrl + Insert
In a table, insert a blank row to add a new record
In a field with a New button beside it, begin a new entry
Delete or
Alt + D
Delete the selected row or record
Alt + A Save a new record
Alt + S Save changes to the displayed record


Of course, using your mouse as well will be more efficient as you learn to use these shortcuts. But, over time taking advantage of some of these shortcuts may add up to hours of time saved.  Happy shortcutting!

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Our Favorite Shortcuts in SageCRM and Sage ERP Accpac

Posted by Meredith Gooch on Tue, Jan 03, 2012

Recently, I polled a few consultants in the office to find out what their favorite SageCRM and Sage ERP Accpac (soon to be called Sage 300) shortcuts are that they use every day. Part of my reasoning was to find out what I was missing (can't help myself!), but the other part was so I could share their tips with you. All of us at BTerrell Group enjoy finding faster ways to do tedious processes, and we love sharing those automations and shortcuts with our clients to help eliminate bottlenecks everywhere we can. Here are a few of our consultants' favorite shortcuts:

From any screen in SageCRM (*when using Internet Explorer only), click the button on the top left corner that reads "Recent." From there, you can select a case, opportunity, company, lead, order, person, or quote that you recently viewed instead of searching for that information again. This is a real time-saver when you jump back and forth between records.

Instead of moving your mouse and hovering over the >> button, you can simply click the F8 button. This is a great tool for those of use who tab through fields in Sage Accpac instead of using our mouse!

Another non-mouse shortcut in Sage Accpac is to press the + key while in a numeric field. This action opens the Accpac calculator.

What are your favorite shortcuts in SageCRM and Sage ERP Accpac?

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Sage Accpac Shortcuts for Forms, Notebooks, and Records

Posted by Meredith Gooch on Thu, Dec 09, 2010

Here are a few shortcuts that allow you to use forms, notebooks, and records in Sage Accpac more efficiently:

HOME – Move to the first entry in the form
END – Move to the last entry in the form
↑ or ↓ – Move up or down a single row
ENTER or TAB – Move the cursor to the next field
SHIFT + TAB – Move the cursor to the previous field
INS – Add a new entry on the next line
DEL – Delete the selected entry
F9 – Maximize or Minimize the display area
Spacebar – Checks or unchecks a checkbox
F7 – Refreshes the record

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