Stop Paying Your Bank Excessive Currency Exchange Fees on Cross Border Payments

With BTerrell SmartFX™, you effectively obtain the lowest bid exchange rate, electronically complete your foreign currency cash transfer transaction, and record it in Sage Intacct. In real-time and completely within the Sage Intacct application, you request an offer from Xe, the world's largest, safest, and most sophisticated foreign currency exchange service, for the international payments you want to make. BTerrell SmartFX consolidates your foreign currency payments, secures globally trusted competitive exchange rates, and guides you to better finance decisions for your business.


Process, Execute, and Deliver Multiple Payments in Multiple Currencies on a Global Scale

Easy to set up and easy to use, BTerrell SmartFX seamlessly integrates Xe's highly competitive foreign currency exchange marketplace with Sage Intacct.

  • Save money on every transaction with competitive exchange rates
  • Safely solicit foreign exchange rate bids and avoid the bank’s foreign exchange monopoly
  • Pay international vendor bills in any currency in seconds
  • Reduce human error and delay with seamless, efficient, and secure payment processing
  • Automatically reconcile foreign currency transactions directly within Sage Intacct
  • Leverage Xe's 25 years of foreign currency excellence
  • Receive direct, expert customer support from the BTerrell and Xe USA team

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How SmartFX™ Benefits Your Business?

  • Streamlines and simplifies the complete end to end international payment process
  • Ensures on-time, secure, and complete payments
  • Reduces your foreign currency exchange costs
  • Improves the speed and accuracy of high-volume, time-sensitive payments
  • Automates, verifies, and validates exchange rates at the point of payment
  • Reduces unnecessary manual processes by cloud-to-cloud integration with the Xe payment engine
  • Frees resources to focus on vendor performance management or customer service


How to Get Started?

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BTerrell Provides Sage Intacct's Most Trusted Payment Platforms

BTerrell SmartFX relies on the BTerrell Smart Payment Processing Platform
  • BTerrell has 30+ of experience in providing accounting solutions for businesses
  • BTerrell has 8 years of Sage Intacct development success
  • Developed using Sage Intacct Platform Services
  • Compatible with BTerrell SmartEFT
  • Compatible with BTerrell Smart Billable Expenses
  • Compatible with BTerrell SmartRPA

About Xe

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BTerrell SmartFX bypasses banks to give Sage Intacct customers direct access to the global foreign currency exchange market through the financial power of Xe. Contact us for a tailored foreign exchange pricing plan based on transaction volume and complexity. Our highly competitive rates reduce spread, domestic bank fees, international wire fees, and other interbank transaction costs. We'll help you measure and minimize the real cost of foreign exchange.


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