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Is your Accounting Solution Keeping Up with your Company’s Growth?

Posted by Info Info on Tue, Jul 22, 2014

by Siying Wang

Remember starting a small business and hiring that first employee? Setting up an entry level-accounting solution and generating that initial invoice was exciting! Probably, like thousands of other entrepreneurs, you chose QuickBooks as your entry-level accounting software. As a former user of QuickBooks, I know how simple it makes accounting. The basic information required to review the performance of a brand new business jumps right out of that system!

However, things change as a business grows. A company hires more employees and finds additional customers. Growing companies establish accounting departments, spawn related companies, generate hundreds or even thousands of projects, and create lots of invoices, purchases, bills, and human resource transactions. An entry-level accounting solution no longer keeps up, and all signs point to the need for something more powerful on which to base a company’s continued growth.

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As the leading mid-market cloud-based accounting solution, professionals frequently recommend Intacct to their clients outgrowing QuickBooks. As an accountant with both Intacct and QuickBooks experience, I also suggest that one consider Intacct as their company grows. Let's look at some of the reasons why Intacct might be the next right choice.

Cloud based, multi-entity, use anywhere, anytime

CPAs and accountants who must account for multiple, related companies struggle with QuickBooks. The staff works hard but still cannot close the books on time. Too much time gets wasted on logging in and out of each company’s database and communicating with other QuickBooks users in related companies. With Intacct, the accounting team musn’t worry about these frustrations, as Intacct supports remote workers accessing multiple companies concurrently. Also, Intacct automates related companies’ due to/due from transaction balancing. It boosts productivity and morale for an accounting staff by freeing them of tedious and time-consuming analysis and corrections.

Easy, but not “too easy” to use

Accountants in growing companies intuitively know that QuickBooks is probably not the right system for the long haul. I’ve had this feeling -- the software simplicity robs managers of the real information required to oversee the business. One spends valuable time exporting financial data to Excel or other outside systems instead of managing the business and serving customers. Intacct resolves these inefficiencies through the power of transaction dimensions and a configurable reporting and dashboarding engine.  Now, one can analyze management reports without spreadsheet pivot tables or other inconvenient reporting tools such as Crystal Reports.

More Security and No more IT Troubles

Unlike traditional accounting solutions, Intacct eliminates the time and money required by on-premises infrastructure and the resulting software maintenance and upgrades. In addition, few small to medium sized businesses can match the security of a cloud provider’s data center. Cloud computing protects an organization from natural disasters and data loss. Attention can now be refocused on business growth instead of IT problems.

If you are managing a growing business using QuickBooks, you may wonder if your company has outgrown it. We’re happy to help you answer this and other important business technology questions.  Please don't hesitate to give one of our professionals a call!

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A Fundraising Solution that Finance Directors and Development Directors will Love

Posted by Info Info on Thu, Jul 17, 2014

Submitted by Orange Leap

Orange Leap gives you a powerful, cloud-based fundraising solution that helps Development Directors address the needs of donors at every stage of the donor life cycle. Intacct gives you an AICPA preferred, cloud-based financial accounting solution that allows Finance Directors to focus on strategic analysis versus number crunching.

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Together Orange Leap and Intacct provide critical information, delivered through Intacct’s powerful dashboards to give real time information on:

  • Grant Management
  • Revenue by Funding Source
  • Program Outcomes
  • Top 10 Donors
  • Building Campaign
  • Annual Appeal
  • Fundraising Efficiency Ratios
  • Operating Expense
  • Operating Revenue
  • Grant Revenue
  • Functional Expense
  • And more…


Each stakeholder, manager and executive can have a dashboard that reflects the relevant data they need to further the success of the organization and fulfillment of your mission. 

Development Directors work daily to facilitate donor loyalty and communicate with donors with the end goal of influencing gifts and donor participation in fulfilling a shared mission, whether that is access to education or healthcare, providing material and spiritual assistance, seeking a cure to disease, or preserving and protecting wildlife.

What may be a compelling message for a major donor may not fit the bill for a first time donor. Development Directors understand the importance of crafting a message based on the donor’s relationship with the organization. Orange Leap helps Development Directors capture the heart of the donor at every stage of the donor life cycle – from acquiring new donors, to conversion, to retention, as well as regaining lapsed donors and the ongoing cultivation of donors.


When donors respond to fundraising campaigns online, Orange Leap’s integration to Intacct ensures that the gift is entered and visible to both accounting and development. If it’s a first time gift, the donor record is saved to both systems. No more rekeying of data. There’s no exporting of data from one system to input into another: the integration handles it in both systems. This comes as a welcome relief to your staff, but also, it means that the information is available and presented via the Intacct dashboard. 

If your organization would benefit from these efficiencies, BTerrell Group and Orange Leap would be happy to show how Intacct and Orange Leap can help your nonprofit. For more information, please contact BTerrell Group.


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What CFOs Need to Know Now about Expense Reporting

Posted by Info Info on Tue, Jul 15, 2014

Written by Concur


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The economy is starting to wake from its sleepy slumber. Thank goodness! As jobs start to become available and hiring picks up, so, too, do the number of clients that companies will have in locations distant from their own. What does this mean? Well, as the hiring budget starts to loosen and increase as revenue from clients increases, the amount of travel will steadily rise, as well.

Whether the travel is domestic or international, the fact is, it all costs money. Flights, dinners, hotels, and rental cars add up. Many companies diligently work on their annual budgets, and they create bottom lines that are intentionally developed (at least in most cases) to be conducive to the travel of their employees without being too overzealous in allowances. What is usually not considered is the work that is necessary to monitor the expenses ongoing. Sure, someone or someones sign-off on each expense reports. The receipts may be reviewed. A signature or two makes its way on to the submitted sheet. And a check is issued. But how many companies have stopped to think about the inefficiencies in their expense reporting process that could actually save even more time and frustration after the flights are booked?

Here is a quick overview of how expense reporting systems can boost a company’s bottom line:

  • Business travel costs will be increasing. As the costs of sending employees out into the field go up, it will become ever more important to have systems in place to proactively regulate the expenses, rather than reacting to things that have already happened. Hotel rooms alone are expected to rise by an average of 5 to 6 percent.
  • Fraud happens. And although it is inevitable that a certain population of employees will always be creatively trying to get an extra dollar, cohesive expense reporting systems help identify fraud much quicker than the average 24 months that CNN reported a couple years ago.
  • Expense reports don’t have to be boring. When CNN Money interviewed Steve Singh recently, the Concur Technologies CEO was quick to explain that the expense reporting industry is keeping up with the times, offering apps that work with the traveling employees, on user-friendly platforms that make reporting easier.


Learn how having better visibility into your business can improve your company’s bottom line.

To learn more how Concur can help, visit


As a Concur partner, BTerrell Group is able to extend a 10 percent savings on any Concur solution you implement.  Please contact BTerrell for details.

Super Powers of the Cloud: The Security of Concur’s Cloud

Posted by Info Info on Wed, Jun 11, 2014

by Concur


This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Super Powers of The Cloud. Previous entries can be found here.

Mobile app security is a concern for most app users, especially with the seemingly daily news stories of data breaches striking large companies. And it’s not just large companies being affected. For every security breach story that breaks, many more go untold. Symantec reports that companies with fewer than 250 employees were the focus of 31 percent of all cyber attacks in 2012, up sharply from 18 percent in 2011. 

It’s understandable for app users to feel unsure about the security of mobile apps, especially if these mobile apps require them to input sensitive information. And let’s face it; no one wants to feel vulnerable.

Like superheroes need capes and armor, app developers and app users need to know their environment is secure before they can wholeheartedly focus on doing superhuman work. Security is the platform upon which all productivity and collaborative benefits of apps can spring forward. Without security, all the perceived benefits of mobile apps can quickly become a mirage.

For example, Starbucks recently promised to tighten security on its IOS app because of a multitude of mobile app breaches. Because the app contained security flaws – including a lack of encryption, no password protection, and a clear-text data file that is easily exposed – the convenience benefits can be easily offset by security concerns, rendering the app useless for many users.   

Concur’s investment in security

Perhaps a more concerning trend than the amount of apps being hacked is the amount of companies who don’t seem to care about security.

This certainly is not the case at Concur, where mobile app security is a top priority. The Concur Trust Platform with PCI Compliance, ISO and SSAE 16 certifications are combined with data encryption and remote wipe capabilities, ensuring a secure solution for all users. And for those who argue that traditional, paper-based expense tracking is more secure, how is carrying around a stack of receipts and paperwork more secure than a locked, password-protected phone?

Concur’s mobile app security does not allow sensitive credit card data to be stored on the mobile device when transactions are conducted. What this means is that the most sensitive client information (e.g. credit card info) is housed only in Concur’s secure data center, not on the mobile device. Whether clients use Concur’s web-based service or mobile app, they can rest assured their information is safe.

If you’re considering mobile app usage to increase capabilities, productivity and employee satisfaction at your business – but are concerned about mobile app security implications – rest assured that Concur’s top priority has been, and will continue to be, the security of our users.

Expenses affect every part of your company. Learn why more organizations are leveraging Concur’s automated expense tracking solutions to not only address mobile app security, but financial security as a whole. Don’t wait, fix it.

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What Defines a Cloud Solution?

Posted by Info Info on Wed, Jun 04, 2014

by Docassist

The cloud is a hot topic in technology discussions and many software companies claim to be providing cloud solutions. But what really defines a cloud solution and does it matter if an application fits that definition?

In Cloud Computing magazine (Q2 – 2013), Matt Wallach, co-founder of Veeva Systems, defines a cloud solution as one that gives a customer “scalability, flexibility, and cost efficiency… built on a multitenant platform.”


What is multitenant?

“Multitenancy is the architectural model that allows vendors to serve all their customers from a single, shared instance of the application,” says Wallach.6 4image4 resized 600

There are hundreds of alleged “cloud” products out there built to be on-premise/single-tenant applications. “Whether users access software through a private cloud or through the corporate server network on-premise, it’s still traditional, single-tenant client/server software (with traditional client/server limitations),” explains Wallach. “Multitenancy is the magic that makes cloud computing truly special, a disruptive technology,” he concludes. 

So why choose a solution like Docassist? Docassist was originally developed as a multi-tenant cloud application. It is optimized for the cloud and many of its strengths and capabilities come from being a true cloud application.

“It is sometimes frustrating when we read or hear about some competitors with non-cloud solutions claiming to be on the cloud,” Stan Santiago, CTO of Docassist. “It is challenging to take any on-premise solution and truly move it to the cloud, so many companies resort to halfway measures that are not truly cloud solutions.”

BTerrell Group is hosting a webinar, Q&A with a CTO: Everything You Want to Know about Documents in the Cloud, on June 18th at 1:00 pm CT so you can get all of your questions about the cloud answered from the source. Attendance is limited!


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