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Anticipation, Preparation and Execution - What to do in a shifting HR landscape

Posted by Brian Terrell on Mon, Feb 13, 2017

Over the last decade, we’ve seen a number of employee-friendly reforms go into effect. Paid family leave, higher minimum wages, gender pay Human Resources Management.jpgequity, union-friendly rulings and healthcare reform have all received consideration attention – and legislative action. The new administration has promised to roll-back, or at least curtail, many of these changes, leaving employers wondering what to do and how to do it.

Organizations need to anticipate, prepare for and then execute changes in their business processes in order to obtain and retain compliance in a changing employment landscape. In our last post, we touched on some of the many uncertainties facing HR professionals and their organizations, and below we list some of the specific changes you can anticipate, and outline how a Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) can help with the preparation and execution aspects.

Broad Policy Shifts

President Trump has more than 4,000 appointments to make (hopefully he has a good applicant tracking system!). Included in the 4,000 appointees are the Secretary of Labor, members of the National Labor Relations Board, as well as leaders of agencies including the Wage and Hour Administration, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance. These are the people who make policy recommendations to the White House and implement directions that may come down directly from the White House. Changes are inevitable.

 The new administration (with help from Congress) is likely to rescind or replace executive orders issued by President Obama that imposed additional requirements on federal contractors, such as a higher minimum wage, paid sick leave and prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. In addition, there are likely to be significant changes to recent pro-union/pro-organizing rulings.

 If you’ve already implemented some of these policies, will you drop them if the executive orders are withdrawn or new rulings issued? Will you need to scurry to comply? A HRMS can provide the flexibility to adapt to changing regulations quickly, and will enable you to document and prove your compliance should you need to.


Immigration Reform

Whatever the final outcome of the controversial immigration executive order, there are certain to be more regulations governing immigrant workers.

President Trump has promised to require that E-Verify be used to check the employment status of every American worker. In addition, he’s promised a dramatic increase in both I-9 audits and raids by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

This means you will need to ensure your I-9 processes and documentation are in order — starting now. HRMS is a powerful tool in tracking the details and providing the reporting tools you will need.


What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

We’re all feeling a bit of angst at not knowing what the impacts to our jobs and our businesses might be going forward. The best cure for angst is staying busy – busy equipping your organization to meet the as-yet-unknown challenges of tomorrow. If you needed one more reason to implement a modern, comprehensive HRMS solution, the presidential election of 2016 is it.

By BTerrell Group, Texas- based Intacct Partner

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ACA relaxes Form 1095-C distribution deadline

Posted by Brian Terrell on Tue, Dec 29, 2015

Yesterday afternoon, the IRS issued Notice 2016-4, which provides unexpected relief to employers distributing those soon to be well-known Form 1095-C information returns to employees. This late Christmas present will be well received by every employer struggling with system update and information gathering challenges. Applicable Large Employers (‘ALE’) and insurance companies now have nearly two additional months to get forms in the mail to employees. This additional time applies not only to Form 1095-C but also to Forms 1094-B, 1094-C, and 1095-B. Who said there wasn’t a Santa Claus?

If you are an Intacct end user struggling with ACA compliance or just want more information on fully integrated HRMS and Payroll for Intacct, please contact BTerrell Group. We're ready to discuss the incredible return on investment and decreased total cost of ownership offered by SaaS finance, accounting and HR applications!

By Brian Terrell of BTerrell Group, LLP, Intacct and Sage ERP & CRM provider based in Dallas.

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HRMS Ready for Intacct

Posted by Brian Terrell on Thu, Jul 10, 2014

Intacct delivers a Best-in-Class cloud accounting and finance application which easily integrates with other Best-in-Class cloud solutions like Salesforce, Avalara, Docassist, Nexonia, Orange Leap, and KeyedIn. These Best-in-Class software partners link to and share transactions seemlessly with Intacct using Intacct Platform Services or web services. However, one important area of business process and functionality seems missing from the mix – Human Resource Management.

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Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) maintain and automate the critical functions surrounding a business' most important asset -- the employees who provide the company with knowledge and labor. HRMS functionality includes much more than just payroll processing. These systems manage an employee's complete demographic record, administer the company's benefits plans, accrue paid time off, and automate recruiting.

Over the years, some payroll partners have tried to integrate with Intacct, but they have never succeeded in a Best-in-Class way. And remember, HRMS means much more than just Intacct Payroll, anyway. Best-in-Class integration implies bisynchronous, automated, and accurate communication from cloud to cloud. To get an idea of Best-in-Class integration, think about how a vendor check written in Intacct Accounts Payable automatically appears as a transaction in Intacct General Ledger. Or, how an invoice originated in Salesforce automatically appears as a transaction in Intacct Accounts Receivable. In addition, Best-in-Class means complete support for Intacct dimensions, a key component of Intacct's Best-in-Class pedigree.

Thus far, when it comes to HRMS, Intacct appears all dressed up with nowhere to go. But things may be changing, as a Best-in-Class HRMS partner looks closer than ever before.  Check back here often (or contact us) to find out more!

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What is HRMS?

Posted by Kevin Yu on Wed, Aug 14, 2013

What is HRMS and how can HRMS help my organization?

  • Does your organization spend too much time filling out and filing HR paperwork?
  • Is there a need to store historical data for current and former employees?
  • Do you wish there was one place to track historical and current pay rate, salary information, benefit and savings plans, as well as to record performance evaluations?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, an HRMS solution may be right for your organization.

What is HRMS?

HRMS stands for Human Resources Management System that combines human resource management with information technology to provide a solution that allows you to perform many different human resources functions all in one place.


Sage HRMSBTerrell Group is proud to represent and implement Sage HRMS for our customers. Sage HRMS is an industry-leading, customizable HRMS solution. Sage HRMS helps companies optimize their HR business processes as well as maximize their Return On Employee Investment  (ROEI)™. Sage HRMS provides robust tools to help you manage key employee information, from skills and education to compensation and insurance benefits. The solution also gives you the ability to:

  • Access a single point of truth for all records and information about employees—past and present.
  • Track unlimited benefit plans, define eligibility criteria, and automatically calculate benefits costs with comprehensive benefits administration.
  • Manage all types of absences, including paid time off, leaves of absence, and FMLA leave.
  • Ensure government compliance and avoid risk by knowing and meeting government regulations and reporting requirements for the U.S. and/or Canada.
  • Customize virtually any Sage HRMS module by tailoring menus, processes, actions, reports, toolbars, screens, and fields to maximize your organization’s effectiveness.
  • Easily import and export critical HR information so that it can be viewed in spreadsheets, or shared with other HR and payroll applications.
  • Integrate with related solutions for payroll processingweb-based employee self-serviceweb-based benefits enrollment, organizational chartingtraining managementweb-based paperless formsdata monitoring, and web-based recruiting.

Let BTerrell Group help you implement Sage HRMS today to help your HR department become even more efficient!

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