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A Key Takeaway from Intacct Advantage 2013

Posted by Chris Firra on Thu, Nov 07, 2013

During Intacct Advantage 2013, I experienced many excellent break-out sessions which deepened my appreciation even further for the Intacct platform. One session, in particular, really pushed me to think about how to take the knowledge I gained and put it to immediate use. The title was, "Technology Session: Platform", and was co-presented by, Aaron Harris, Intacct's Chief Technology Officer.describe the image

First, Aaron set the stage by demonstrating how Intacct is easily tailored to track unique business activities without deploying a single bit of program code or additional software.

Next, Aaron discussed trigger events, such as email notifications. Once you enter certain transactions or values, you can add Smart Rules and Smart Events to the standard data entry screens. These two tools do not require engaging Intacct's development teams.

An example of a Smart Rule and Smart Event:

A controller becomes frustrated when an employee inadvertently selects a seldomly used receivable reserve account number instead of the commonly used account number.  To prevent the re-occurence of selecting the incorrect account number, she creates a Smart Rule to warn the user and ask them to ensure they are selecting the correct account.  Then, she creates a Smart Event, which automatically notifies Intacct to send her an email whenever the reserve account is changed.  

Then, while staying outside Intacct's Platform, Aaron demonstrated the ease of adding custom fields, complete with valid selection codes. Intacct supports 30 different field formats, covering almost every possibility. Once created, these custom fields automatically appear where indicated within the entry screens, report design screens and report run-time screens. Then you can easily sort and filter specific information.

In wrapping up, Aaron further demonstrated the form designer, which resides inside the Platform. This application enables non-programmers (like me), to create screen forms to utilize Intacct objects and user defined fields. Furthermore, custom forms extend the transaction flows which are built-in to Intacct through new data entry points of origin and data flows. From here, you can add custom triggers and logic to the form which creates the basis for a native application user to utilize in their daily interactions with Intacct.

The best part; a Computer Science degree is not required to use these powerful tools! I personally look forward to using these tools in my everyday workflows.

I hope you find this blog helpful as you navigate Intacct. If you require a complex system build, our Intacct Platform Developers and Consultants stand by ready to build powerful integrations with your system. When such needs arise, look to BTerrell Group for creative solution designs.

I will see you in Orlando at Intacct Advantage 2014!


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My Intacct Advantage 2013 Experience

Posted by Kevin Yu on Fri, Nov 01, 2013

I was very fortunate to attend Intacct’s Annual User Conference last week in Las Vegas. Since this was my first conference to ever attend, I really had no idea what to expect.

Humongous burgerMy first meal at the conference was a mushroom swiss burger.  I consumed all my week’s calories in this one meal!  Check out this picture! The burger is definitely larger than the picture portrays

Then, at the opening keynote address, an electric string quartet came out playing rock music. What?! 

Now, on a more serious note, I was thrilled to see and hear firsthand how Intacct continually enhances their cloud ERP solution. I am particularly excited for their new dashboard functionality releasing in November.  I also enjoyed interacting with other partners and learning about their best of breed solutions they integrate Intacct with to provide the most value to their customers.  In-between all of the food, music and networking, I also learned many new features and best-practices by attending key break-out sessions, workshops, and panel discussions throughout the week.

Intacct Advantage 2014Overall, I could not ask for a better first conference experience. I left feeling re-energized about Intacct’s customer offerings and I can’t wait for Intacct Advantage 2014!

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Intacct Advantage 2013 Experience and Reflections

Posted by Brian Terrell on Thu, Oct 31, 2013

BTerrell Group, along with our sister company CodePartners, just returned from Advantage 2013, Intacct's annual conference for customers and business partners.  Intacct Pic 2The location in Henderson, Nevada, a suburb of Las Vegas and far enough from the madness of the strip, was the perfect place for networking and information sharing.  We had a blast, learned a lot, and met with many customers, prospects and partners.

I wanted to share with you some of my key takeaways from my five days of breakout sessions, keynote addresses, and peer networking:

  • Intacct continues incorporating best practice technology to ensure client data is secure by including a two-step authentication login process
  • Geoff Moore, a keynote speaker, reminded us that industry standard API driven integration between best of breed applications like Intacct and Salesforce drives next generation business growth
  • Intacct includes budgeting tools and workflows to help managers control an organization's indirect purchasers
  • Amazing enhancements to Intacct dashboards are around the corner!
  • Clients may now add user defined dimensions so finance professionals can begin to influence their company's future, not only report the past
  • Intacct continues to lower costs, improve manageability, and enhance security with a Single Sign On
  • Managed timesheets allow time based companies a view to who has and who has not turned in their timesheet
  • Intacct is incorporating social functionality into the accounting workflow, helping companies communicate more effectively
  • Intacct’s scalability should never be in question as top customers are processing upwards of 250,000 transactions each day
  • The possibilities abound as Intacct re-writes the concept of a financial report writer by defining rows based on dimensions instead of accounts
Intacct Advantage 2013 Panel Discussion
Intacct remains the most exciting cloud ERP technology available today.  BTerrell Group expects 2014 to be our best year ever, and we look forward to another great conference at Advantage 2014 in Orlando on November 9!

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ACCELERATE! with Intacct: Accounting as a “Social Activity”

Posted by Keith Karnes on Tue, Oct 29, 2013

Intacct Advantage 2013It was our privilege to participate in Intacct’s Annual Users Conference, Intacct Advantage 2013, last week in Las Vegas.  The theme of the Conference was ACCELERATE!  Below, I share with you my key takeaways along with highlighting accounting as a “social activity” in more depth.

  • Intacct’s revolutionary product enhancements - recognizing accounting as a “social activity” (please read below for further detail).
  • Our interaction with partners and customers who are truly excited about enhancing their business operations and growth opportunities, through their Intacct implementation.  Just speaking about the future of Intacct created a real aura of confidence around our discussions.
  • Our partners and customers are excited to engage our sister company,  CodePartners, to create customized/integrated designs for their systems.
  • The focus to continue accelerating our marketing efforts to expand awareness around Intacct’s solutions.
  • The opportunity to drive benefits to customers through collaboration among the Intacct Direct Sales and Partner Channel Sales teams.

Accounting as a Social Activity… really?

Intacct Advantage Water Wall resized 600Wait! What about the stereotype of an accountant?

An introverted accountant looks down at his shoes when he talks to you;
but, an extroverted accountant looks at your shoes when he talks to you.

Well, we know this is not the truth about accountants!  

However, Intacct is pushing boundaries and creating the “Social Bug” which builds social media right into Intacct. This allows us to open the lines of communication, thus improving efficiency in our daily work.  This improvement builds a more collaborative workplace, allowing interaction within workflows.  Be on the lookout for more new features that allow the creation of schedules for routine workflows, like monthly closing schedules.BTerrell Group/CodePartners Booth @ Intacct Advantage 2013

We are excited that Intacct continues to "accelerate" and we are on the forefront of this growth. 

Schedule a free consultation with BTerrell Group to find out more about the features that enhance your everyday business experience and accelerate growth in your bottom line.

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How does ERP perpetual licensing compare to ERP subscription pricing?

Posted by Brian Terrell on Wed, Oct 09, 2013

The pricing and financing options presented to ERP application prospects continues to expand. 

Perpetual vs Subscription Pricing for ERPWhen I first began working with ACCPAC Plus for DOS way back in 1991, the only item on the price list was a perpetual license, and most modules were priced at $795 apiece.  A perpetual license requires only a one-time payment for the current version, and publishers would price subsequent upgrades at 50% of the then current version price.  So, my early quotes for a really simple system  including only Windowing System Manager, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and one LanPak would total about $3,750.  The biggest complication in quoting involved the calculation and inclusion of sales tax, which should tell you that quoting was really easy. 

Not anymore.  The options have expanded beyond perpetual licensing to include new options such as subscription pricing, hosted pricing, and software maintenance

Subscription Pricing

Subscription pricing allows perpetual license publishers to “rent” a time limited license to use their software.  The annual subscription price may range from 25% to 35% of the perpetual license price, and that should include any software maintenance charges that might be otherwise required.  The software itself may enforce the licensing by checking against a subscription server every once in a while to ensure the subscription is paid up.  If not, the software goes into “nag” mode to remind the user that, unless a new subscription is acquired, the software will soon quit functioning.  That’s the same collection policy employed by the electric company, and it is an effective one, indeed!

Hosted Pricing

Hosted pricing extends subscription pricing to include managed hosting services.  In managed hosting services, a data center provides the hardware, software, connectivity, power and fault-tolerance on which the subscribed software will operate.  This adds to the price but is often more than offset by eliminating management costs of on-premise deployments.  Moreover, clients outsource the heat, noise and power consumption of all that hardware running in the closet down the hall.  Many gladly make that trade.

Software Maintenance

Software maintenance is also a subscription, or periodic charge, exchanged with a publisher for the continued enjoyment of the software.  In exchange for software maintenance (which annually equals between 20% and 25% of the perpetual license price), the publisher will upgrade their offering so that it continues to operate on changing hardware and upgraded operating systems.  In addition, publishers invest proceeds from software maintenance subscriptions into additional features and functionality in a never ending effort to keep up with the competition.  Independent business partners thought the world was ending when software publishers introduced software maintenance back in the 1990’s; however, today the sun still shines and most have grown accustomed to the charge.

Perpetual Licenses

Cloud based publishers cannot offer their software as a perpetual license.  However, on-premise publishers often offer their software on either a perpetual or subscription basis.  Perpetual licenses cost less than “rented” software, however, cloud publishers must add hosting costs to their price.  The circumstances of every situation determine how the options compare to each other over time. 

What is Right for You?

An experienced business partner can help determine at what point in time one is likely to “break even” between the two.  That calculation is not entirely uncomplicated, as software maintenance, hardware costs, personnel costs, utility costs, upgrade costs, and continuing support costs all must be considered.

Pricing software continues to evolve into more and more complicated options.  Who know what they’ll think of next!  To fully compare the various ERP investment options with your needs, please let us know!  We’d love to talk it over in further detail!

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